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All-In-One Installer (SE/AE)

Important: You will need to install (or have already installed) Kaidan 2.1.1 by Liv Templeton before loading the Installer. Then overwrite Kaidan 2.1.1 with the Installer.

Download Kaidan 2.1.1 from Nexus here

This is our all-in-one fomod installer for our mods. This installer can be used on any version of SE/AE. To install, download the file and then select the ‘Install from File’ option in your mod-manager. Please note: Even if you are only installing one or two of the mods below, we still recommend using it as it will handle all mod conflicts and plugin order. All patches are optional and can be ticked/unticked during the installation process.

Important: Rosalind replacers will need a patch to work with Immersive Features or they will break the Daedric quest.

  • Extended Edition (ESP)
  • Extended Edition – Earlier Amulet Patch
  • Immersive Features (ESP)
  • Immersive Features – Keep It Clean Patch
  • Immersive Features – Water for ENB Patch
  • Transgression Unknown (ESP)
  • Kaidan – Ostim Patch
  • Kaidan – Ostim SA Patch
  • Kaidan – Spouses Enhanced Patch
  • Slap Da Butt (ESP)
  • Kaidan Survival Base Mod (ESP)
  • Kaidan Survival – Sunhelm
  • Kaidan Survival – Sunhelm Cold
  • Kaidan Survival – Frostfall
  • Kaidan Survival – iNeed
  • Kaidan Survival – Last Seed
  • Kaidan Immersive Features – Eating Animations and Sounds SE patch
  • Kaidan Survival Mod – Eating Animations and Sounds SE patch
  • Kaidan’s Armor Revamped (multiple options including HDT-SMP)
  • Kaidan’s Weapons Revamped
  • Kaidan – Cheesemod patch
  • Kaidan – Skyrim’s Got Talent patch
  • Kaidan – I’m Glad You’re Here patch
  • Kaidan – Auto Sleep For Me Now patch
  • Kaidan – Lux patch
  • Kaidan – Dirt and Blood patch
  • Kaidan – Loading Screens
  • Kaidan – Legacy of the Dragoborn painting replacer
  • Kaidan – Fart patch
  • Kaidan – Thalmor Embassy patch
  • Kaidan – A Skyrim Waltz patch
  • Kaidan – Alternate Start Live Another Life patch
  • Kaidan – Beyond Skyrim Bruma patch
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn patch
  • Deadlands Temple SMIM bone mesh fix
  • Inigo Banter Patch
  • Rumarin Banter patch

Please Note: The AiO includes Kaidan – Extended Edition and is therefore NOT compatible with the Nexus version here.

Download the AiO Installer here:


Immersive Features

  • Bugfixes for:
    • Kaidan sandwich quest repeating

Immersive Features

  • Bugfixes for:
    • Some aliases not being marked as persistent refs which would cause Kaidan to have one-sided conversations

Immersive Features

  • Mini quest to finally get Kaidan the true love of his life - a horker sandwich. You will get a courier note 48 hours after learning the truth about Dawnstar and that starts the quest.
  • Added some resets for if you get stuck inside the tent
  • Bugfixes for:
    • Kaidan's force greets not working
    • Some lines conditioned and tweaked
    • Kaidan not following the innkeeper
    • Subtitles

Kaidan - Survival Base Mod

  • You can now give Kaidan food.

iNeed Patch

  • Fratpack now have comments if they're hungry, thirsty or broke if you have follower needs enabled

New Patches

Immersive Features - Eating Animations and Sounds SE Patch

  • If you have Eating Animations and Sounds SE ( then Kaidan will actually eat his horker sandwich

Kaidan Survival - Eating Animations and Sounds SE Patch

  • If you have Eating Animations and Sounds SE ( you can give Kaidan food and he will eat them.

Immersive Features

  • Bugfixes for:
    • Kaidan appearing near you when using an ASLAL start apart from the Abandoned Prison

iNeed Patch

    • CC fishing dependencies removed


If you would prefer to individually install the mod files, they are available here. Please keep in mind that you will need to do some conflict resolution with this method, please visit our Load Order page for the correct mod load order.