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Load Order

This is only necessary if you are not using the All-In-One fomod installer, however we recommend using that whenever possible. As a general rule, everything should overwrite Kaidan 2.0 and replacers should be at the very end. We have listed outdated patches, these should not be in your load order. There are some mods where the load order is not important as they do not overwrite anything (except Kaidan 2.1.1), these are marked with an asterisk (*).

1Kaidan 2.1.1 download
2BWB – Kaidan 2 Extra Dialogue.espdownload
3BWB – Kaidan 2 Earlier Amulet Patch.espdownload
4Kaidan – Immersive Features.espdownload
5Kaidan – Alternate Start Quest.esp (Transgressions Unknown)download
6Kaidan – Survival.espdownload
7Kaidan Survival Mod Integration patches (Sunhelm, Sunhelm Cold, Frostfall, Last Seed and iNeed)download
8BWB – Kaidan 2 SMIM Bone Piles.espdownload
9BWB Armor Replacers *download
10Kaidan 2 Weapons Revamped – Katana Bow and Quiver with Arrows *Nexus Link
11Ostim PatchNexus Link
12Inigo Banter Patch *download
133DNPC Patch *download
14Shackles Fix *Nexus Link
15Really Wounded KaidanNexus Link
16Auto Sleep for Me Now Patch *download
17LotD Patch *download
18Kaidan – Beyond Skyrim Brumadownload
19Spouses Enhanced Patch (NB: Do not use this mod if you plan on adopting children with Kaidan as it will break his AI)download
20Fart Patch *download
21Slap Da Butt Patch *download
22Cheesemod Patch *download
23Skyrim’s Got Talent Patch *download
24I’m Glad You’re Here Patch *download
25Alternate Start – Live Another Life Patch *download
26Dirt and Blood Patch *download
27Kaidan Loading Screens *download
28LotD Painting Replacer *download
29Peeno *download
30Thalmor Embassy Patch *download
31Immersive Features – KiC Patch.espdownload
32IF – Water for ENB.espdownload
33Kaidan Lux Patchdownload
34Replacers! We have a list of replacers that are patched to work with Extended Edition here
Kaidan – A Skyrim Kiss (this is okay if you are not using Immersive Features – otherwise just keep the original Skyrim Kiss but not Kaidan’s patch)
Fertility Mode Integration (this is being replaced by a standalone pregnancy/family framework for Kaidan)
Kaineedy (being replaced by an entire suite of survival mod integrations)
Kaidan – Immersive Lap Sitting (included in Immersive Features)
Kaidan Immersive Features Lux Patch (the Lux patch in the fomod is for both EE and IF)


We have a helpful list of console commands if for any reason you cannot progress any of Kaidan’s quests. This list DOES contain spoilers, so use only in a last resort.


View our frequently asked questions and mods that have known compatibility/incompatibility.


View a list of Kaidan replacers that have been patched to work with Extended Edition.


The best place to get help with any of our mods is on our discord:

If you don’t have/use Discord, we can also be reached for help at