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Peeno – a mushroom follower

Ever wanted a mouthy, slightly sleazy, cowardly mushroom follower? How about one who talks with Kaidan?

Inspired by A Felicidade, this mod adds a mushroom follower named Peeno. He’s terrible in a fight (runs away screaming), has a huge crush on Camilla Valerius and has a noble steed named after a certain Stormcloak leader. You can find him in Riverwood near the bridge to Whiterun and his steed can be purchased at the Whiterun stables. He has a unique summon spell and can be added to follower frameworks (uncheck Follower Mount) although he comes with his own framework so won’t add to your vanilla follower count. He is quest and location aware (to an extent), never let an opportunity to be involved to a gambling and finds faultlessly where to play slots with btc, and will have many interactions with Kaidan. He can also switch skins through dialogue, you can have Peemo, Krampeeno, C3Peeno and more!

This mod has very much been a group project with our discord so I want to thank all of the Peeno Cult members for their input and ideas. Diana Ayalet funded Peeno and none of us would be playing with a mushroom follower without her and BarbWireBlonde for being my modding Yoda. And of course, Dovanique and S. Munn Art for their amazing work on Peeno’s skins.

Peeno Videos



Diana Ayalet for purchasing all the dialogue and Dan Lemon for recording it

BarbWireBlonde for being a modding inspiration

Dovahnique for Peeno Skins (Classic, Peemo, Peenbow and C3Peeno)

S. Munn Art for Peeno Skins (Deaths Head Mush, Zompeeno, Krampeeno)

Sarah N11 for constant inspiration and amusement

Achroous and squonkalicious for testing

spaz490 for C3Peeno cube maps and Stormy for editing them

atropos46 for the inspiration for Peeno

Vicn for Vicn Creature Pack

testiger2 for Stormgoat’s pack

And, especially! Our Peeno cultists on the Discord, I love all of you xxx