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FAQs and Compatibility

Known Incompatibilities

  • Versions of Extended Edition higher than 14.9
  • TKCP – Kaidan EE – IF – Best Of Both Worlds
  • Race Compatibility Dialogue for Kaidan 2
  • Kaidan 2 Dialogue Tweaks
  • Kaidan 2 – Update
  • Civil War Battlefields (edits the area around Autumnwatch Lodge)
  • Genesis Unleashed (both levelled and unlevelled) – adds enemies to the Abandoned Prison that will affect your ability to rescue Kaidan
  • Ultimate Deadly Encounters and Spawns – adds enemies to the Abandoned Prison that will affect your ability to rescue Kaidan
  • Bathing in Skyrim
  • Facelight Plus SE may stop the innkeeper’s dialogue from triggering (and potentially cause other issues)
  • Immersive Kaidan Start is incompatible
  • My Home Is Your Home – Kaidan should not be set a home location with this method
  • Kaidan – A Skyrim Kiss is incompatible (animations in Immersive Features replace those)
  • Kaidan – Immersive Lap Sitting is incompatible as it is included in Immersive Features
  • Any replacers for Rosalind will need an update to work with Immersive Features
  • Improved Follower Dialogue – Lydia (all Immersive Features Lydia lines will be silent)
  • DVS Player Essential and Team Death – will mess up the Rosalind showdown


  • True Directional Movement may cause pathing issues during the wedding and Rosalind scene. These aren’t game-breaking but your character may wander around a bit/face the wrong way if it’s enabled. You can disable it in your mod manager before those scenes and re-enable it afterwards
  • Blackthorn – A Buildable Town in The Rift needs this patch for the forest wedding location.
  • Hjertesten Hall – Player Home and Settlement needs this patch for the forest wedding location.
  • Alternative Armours – Dwarven Mail needs this patch for Autumnwatch Lodge
  • Precision will cause issues during animations – the player and Kaidan will just stare at each other. Turning off Precision before an animation (from the debug tab of the Precision MCM) will fix this issue


  • Kaidan 2 Shackle fix is compatible and recommended
  • Alternate Start – LAL is compatible and has an optional patch included in the installer – however we recommend not doing the Erik’s childhood friend, LotD Guildmaster, Companions, Thieves Guild or CW Soldier if using Immersive Features
  • Thieves Guild for Good Guys is compatible
  • Serious Civil War Consequences for Jarl Balgruuf is compatible
  • Most Kaidan replacers are compatible, here are a list of ones patched for Extended Edition
  • Convenient Horses works fine with Kaidan and his horse
  • I’m Glad You’re Here is compatible
  • Dovahkiin can lean Sit Kneel Lay down and Meditate is compatible and the additional patch for green squares is recommended if you experience this during lap sitting
  • Axarien’s Animations – Kaidan is compatible



You do if you’re upgrading from any release earlier than our update on 08/11/23.

Almost certainly a load order issue – check here for the correct load order. MO2 users, please note that both your plugin (right pane) and mod (left pane) order need to match.

See above.

Any Kaidan replacers need to be loaded after all other Kaidan mods.

Absolutely NOT – this will 100% break his AI.

Check out our recommended Load Order page.

If you selected HDT-SMP armor in the installer you need this mod:

Although he will use whatever arrows have the highest damage, Kaidan needs some steel arrows in his inventory or he’ll complain about it.

Animation faqs

If you installed Immersive Features you need to run FNIS or Nemesis before launching the game.

Most likely a physics/skeleton issue – make sure you are using XPMSSE and nothing is overwriting it.

Install the Green Squares fix from this mod.


You need to complete his friendship quest first – at the end of that he will tell you that he wants to travel together as friends rather then out of obligation. Then you progress the romance questline.

If you are using Kaidan’s Spouses Enhanced patch and have eloped with him through NFF you cannot have children. This includes adopted children and the upcoming mod to give Kaidan biological children – it will break his AI.

Kaidan will not respond to any NPC flirtatious comments after beginning a relationship with DB. Ulfric and Brynjolf both have content after you have begun a relationship with Kaidan.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Ask him to put some clothes back on if this is a problem for you.

Kaidan will soon be getting an optional mod to give him a biologial family. This mod will not be compatible with FM and we are therefore discontinuing support for FM however you can still download the patch from our Archived Builds section.

You need to get until stage 45 of the friendship quest before early flirting comments become active.

quest faqs

You need to visit Kynesgrove with Delphine for the dialogue to be available.

You can purchase Kiai from the Whiterun stables and you need to do that before Kaidan will ride her (it’s not enough to just use the Summon Kiai spell). Mounted combat is coming soon.

You do need to kill Mirmulnir in order to progress the relationship with Kaidan.

You need to have switched on the option in the MCM, completed Kaidan’s personal quest All of This Past, be in a romantic relationship where he has told you he loves you, have taken him to Shadowgreen Cavern and have visited the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. 24 hours after the last one of those conditions is met, a dremora will spawn and Blood and Fire will start. Ashes of His Past will commence 24 hours after that with an additional quest in the journal.

A lot of Kaidan’s NPC interactions are locked behind either the romance with him or the faction questline. You can download a cheat sheet (spoiler-free) on how to progress certain NPC interactions here.

He won’t respond to every single NPC comment. Some are just idle dialogue lines that NPCs will say in his vicinity.

Check incompatibilities and load order.

Try leaving Deadlands Temple and re-entering.