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Our mod is only possible through our donors!

Dan has also offered to record a personal line (bespoke) for donations of $100 or over. These lines can be made into an exclusive patch for your game where Kaidan says something special just for you or your dragonborn.

Dan can also record birthday wishes, or congratulatory messages for a donation of $25. These messages will be recorded and sent thru WhatsApp to Ayalet, which in turn she will send to you.

Donors can donate specifically for any mods (Forgotten City, Bruma etc) that they want Kaidan to have commentary for. We also take donations for single lines for any quest. Each line is $17.

How to donate

Through Ko-Fi, click on the button below to go through to our Ko-Fi page.

Through Patreon, click on the button below to go through to our Patreon page.

Directly through Paypal, donations can be sent to

Once you’ve donated, make sure to let us know by email or on discord so that you can access exlusive donor benefits!