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Dovahnique’s Projects

I make replacers, textures and more. You can see more of my mods at my Nexus page

Dovahnique’s High Poly Kaidan Replacer

With Optional Full Body – ESPFE

High poly overhaul for LivTempleton’s amazing Kaidan 2 follower & BarbWireBlonde’s awesome dialogue addon. Face tattoo and no face tattoo options available. Full body is optional, there are two versions that only replace the face of Kaidan. Full body variants require SOS Light or SOS Full.

Dovahnique’s High Poly Inigo Replacer – ESPFE

I love Inigo, I wanted him to be high poly like the rest of my game and still be recognizable as himself. This mod is fully contained within itself and only requires Inigo. He will use whatever textures you have installed for Khajiits, in my pictures I have no Khajiit textures installed. Compatible with everything Inigo is compatible with. Make sure to load this replacer after any Inigo patches containing an NPC record or you’ll get the grey face bug

Dovahnique’s High Poly Serana Replacer – ESPFE

*Another* High Poly replacer for Serana. Vamp and Human versions. Please enjoy the least needed mod on Nexus <3 Vampire version is complete with eyes that glow at night and fangs. Human version has green eyes and no fangs. Short hair option closer to her vanilla look is now available.

Dovahnique’s High Poly Valerica Replacer – ESPFE

A new look for Valerica, complete with fangs and glow in the dark eyes. Made to match my Serana replacer.

Dovahnique’s High Poly Auri Replacer – ESPFE (Song of the Green)

Replacer for Waribiki’s wonderful Auri from Song of the Green. Tried to keep her looking like a Bosmer (mostly) and a bit creepy, but still cute enough to let her eat her enemies in front of you <3 Many excellent Auri replacers already exist that stick close to her original look, so I was going for something a bit different.