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Here are the mods that I’ve been working on. I mainly focus on textures and some modeling for clutter objects.

Stormy’s MegaPints – All in One

These are mesh and texture replacers that will replace the following tankards in your game: basictankard01.nif (clutter), animobjectdrinkingtankard.nif (npcs drinking if you don’t have animated eating redux installed and dlc01tankardblood.nif (Dawnguard DLC – Bloody Tankards). On nexus you will find several choices for download. This is the showcase of the all in one.

Install instructions: Download the mod either using the mod manager download button or manually by dragging the zip into your designated Mod Manager. Further instructions are available on the mod page on Nexus.

Credits: smim for the textures I’ve remastered for the megapints, spaz490 for providing me with cubemaps that I’ve used/altered for my tankards, SSE NIF Optimizer, Cathedral Assets Optimizer. Hoamaii for the inspiration for my ale, wine and blood wine versions.

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